Are carbonated drinks bad for your teeth?

Many people are making the switch from sugar filled sodas to sparkling water and other sugar-free flavored fizzy drinks, but are they really much better for your teeth?

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3 Reminders for Optimal Oral Care

Everyone has their own morning and night-time rituals for getting ready to go and getting ready to unwind.
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3 ways to choose a toothbrush

Picking out the right toothbrush can seem like a daunting task, so many choices! Choosing the right toothbrush is easier than you think.
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4 Snacks That Benefit Your Teeth

If you have to quench your thirst, Tuthi has you covered with our delicious range of teas. But what about when hunger strikes?

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6 ways to improve dry mouth symptoms

There are several things that can contribute to dry-mouth, also known as xerostomia. The following are symptoms that you may experience with this condition.
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5 Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Everyone wants a beautiful, bright, and healthy smile. However, some of our favorite habits like drinking coffee and wine, stand in the way of keep our pearly whites their brightest. 

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    3 Types of Teeth Stains and How to Whiten Them

    There are 3 main categories of tooth discolorations that dentists agree on: 

    1.Extrinsic stains: this type of stain occurs on the outer surface of the tooth. 

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