For me Dentistry is more than a career, it’s my way to make an impact. With Tuthi I get to truly realize this.

My philosophy is to create products that I am excited to use and are missing from the market. Using natural ingredients and being as kind as we can to the environment is a must!

However, the biggest reward comes from being able to give back. Every purchase you make funds Tuthi Smiles, our initiative to deliver dental care to those in need.

So thank you for making my dream a reality!  


Give your wake-up a shake-up

Our delicious green tea + peppermint based blend will keep your breath fresh and gums happy while giving you the boost you need to start your day right.


Balance out your buzz

Ginger + lemongrass are the stars of this show, caffeine free but packed with the good stuff to keep your breath fresh and you alert.

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