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Yes! In fact we encourage you to get in the habit of staying hydrated, drinking a cup each of Bloom and Restore will put you well on your way to reaching the recommended goal of 8+ cups of fluids per day.

If you have a sweet tooth that's no problem, look into alternative sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol which are sugar free, natural, and will help keep those cavities at bay.

They sure are!

Of course! Although our teas leave your mouth feeling fresh and oh so clean, think of them as team members along with your tooth brush and floss in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, they all have their special roles.

Sadly we still haven't figured out how to package a dentists skills into a tea, so for the time being don't be a stranger at your favorite dentists office, they know what they're doing!

Yes please!

Everything you desire, but we'd like to remind you to minimize sugary things as they can cause cavities, if you must give in to your sweet tooth, give your teeth a good brushing and indulge in a cup of Tuthi tea afterwards to bring things back to balance.

Although our Teas are made with the highest quality ingredients, we still advise that you consult with your doctor prior to indulging as some of our products contain caffeine.


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