Where it began

Iya & Eugene (dentist + entrepreneur), were at home recounting their day as a conversation about the benefits of drinking tea quickly grew into an exciting idea. Eugene looked over to Iya and asked, “Tea? It is it really good for your teeth?”, to which she replied “Absolutely!”.

Unbeknownst to Eugene, Iya had been working on some overachieving tea blends. She herself being a long time coffee addict, had been trying to cut the habit, as it left her teeth stained and breath sour, yuck! By combining a unique blend of herbs with green tea, a well known powerhouse, she created a tea blend that not only kept her energized, but also kept her gums and teeth fresh.

And thus, the back-bone of Tuthi came to be. That weekend Iya & Eugene sat down and outlined the plan. No gimmicks, only transparency, beyond just tea it was set to be an oral care brand founded by a modern dentist.

What We Think

Our mouths goes through the wringer on a daily basis. We use them to funnel pills, shakes and whatever else we can find to help other parts of our body. What about doing something nice for your mouth itself, doesn't it deserve a little more than the occasional brush, floss, and burning rinse?

Your mouth is a direct link to the rest of your body. Bacteria & infections that are present in the oral cavity can easily find their way to other organ systems. So keep it clean!

That’s why Tuthi develops simple, effective yet natural oral health care solutions that make an impact!

When you drink tuthi tea blends, you can’t help but smile.

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