Restore Herbal Tea

The Tea for Teeth!

Ginger + lemongrass are the stars of this show, caffeine free but packed with the good stuff to keep your mouth fresh and body alert.

Want more kick? Check out our Green Tea Blend.

(Each bag includes 28 tea sachets)

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Gluten Free & Allergen Free
Vegan Friendly
No Artificial Ingredients
USDA Organic
How often will you sip?


Deliver Every

30 days

Most Days

Deliver Every

45 days

Sometimes Coffee Wins

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60 days

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Restore Herbal Tea
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Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, helps keep your gums healthy, reducing risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease


Removes bacteria from the oral cavity and prevents tooth and gum diseases


Delicious addition and excellent source of Vitamin C


Boosts the immune system and adds delicate flavor


Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and sedative properties, while also helping freshen breath


Contains cineole, a potent antiseptic that kills bad-breath bacteria


Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and aids the immune system


Contains green plant pigment chlorophyll, which is a powerful breath freshener


Contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds




Many people think that Echinacea is just a pretty flower for battling colds, BUT it's bacteria battling powers are incredible in your mouth! Researchers have found that it rivals the bacteria busting power of commonly prescribed medical grade mouth wash. 


Lemongrass not only smells fantastic but studies show it works hard to remove bacteria from the oral cavity, prevents teeth & gum diseases and can also be useful in treatment of oral candidiasis.


Peppermint tea is not only delicious but helps you maintain fresh breath and a healthy mouth. Researchers have found that oils in peppermint leaves are effective in reducing bacteria that not only cause bad breath but also harm your teeth and gums! 


A portion of Tuthi profits go towards funding life changing treatments. To make the biggest impact, we wanted to get our hands dirty. We keep the whole process in house, from screening to arranging treatment. This way your contributions go directly towards creating a Tuthi smile.


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Restore after lunch! Packed with herbal ingredients, such as ginger & lemongrass, that keep your digestive functions in check and bacterial buildup at bay.

Ginger is pretty amazing, not only for it’s uniquely delicious taste, but for the incredible things it can do for your body! It can reduce plaque and help maintain happy healthy gums.

But how?

Well, fresh ginger contains some pretty powerful compounds, including gingerol.

Gingerol is a substance that has very powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, when ginger is dried for tea, it goes through a dehydration reaction which transforms gingerol into shogoal. This reaction doubles the flavor and retains all the wonderful, health boosting benefits ginger has to offer.

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For me Dentistry is more than a career, it’s my way to make an impact. With Tuthi I get to truly realize this.

My philosophy is to create products that I am excited to use and are missing from the market. Using natural ingredients and being as kind as we can to the environment is a must!

However, the biggest reward comes from being able to give back. Every purchase you make funds Tuthi Smiles, our initiative to deliver dental care to those in need.

So thank you for making my dream a reality!  

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