Bamboo Toothbrush

Our bamboo toothbrush gives you so many reasons to smile, it helps keep your teeth AND earth healthier.

The soft bristles give your teeth a luxurious scrub while the eco-friendly bamboo handle helps you reduce the amount of plastic waste produced yearly (around 450 millions tons per year!).

Moso bamboo is naturally antibacterial and not a food source for pandas, so rest assured your toothbrush is sustainably produced!

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Customer Reviews

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For me Dentistry is more than a career, it’s my way to make an impact. With Tuthi I get to truly realize this.

My philosophy is to create products that I am excited to use and are missing from the market. Using natural ingredients and being as kind as we can to the environment is a must!

However, the biggest reward comes from being able to give back. Every purchase you make funds Tuthi Smiles, our initiative to deliver dental care to those in need.

So thank you for making my dream a reality!  

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